How to handle Hiccupping in Babies?

Hiccoughs and hiccups are the same thing that happens temporarily to everyone (adults –babies). This is a common behavior that occurs when our diaphragm suddenly irritates or gets tightens. This tightness/irritation produces a sound like “hic hic” in our windpipe that known hiccups. so check must what causes hiccups in baby it will increase your confidence to handle baby.

The diaphragm is actually a valve muscle that divided the human chest from the abdomen. It plays a prime role in our breathing also. Medically hiccup is known as “singultus.”

Is hiccupping dangerous for babies?

Babies are a junior version of adults, and hiccupping is common in both. Actually, the hiccup is a reflex action that cannot be controlled. Sometimes hiccups are beneficial for babies because, it increases abdominal maturity.

Hey, all the new parents! Do not worry if your baby is hiccupping, set him straight, and wait a while. Surely it will go within a few minutes.

Babies and hiccups (causes):

Dear all new mummies, please concentrate here!  Today we are sharing some most common causes for baby hiccups.

  • Hiccupping is very communal for babies (especially under one year). Even sometimes baby hiccups in mother’s womb before birth. In the womb, hiccups happen due to stretching of abdominal structure that is very necessary for growth.


  • Distressing of the diaphragm is another cause for baby hiccupping. This distressing can be last for 5 to 10 minutes approximately but, look if your baby is hiccupping from 1 to 2 hours, then you have consult your doctor anyhow.



  • Overfeeding is also a common cause in babies. Many mums feed their babies a lot of due to reduce their breast tightness. This type of behavior can make a baby overload, and then a baby starts hiccups.


  • A mother always wants to eat her baby well, but sometime this eating can create hiccups. I mean to say that always eat your baby in a limit and give him/her well-cooked food. Random food in your baby plate can be caused for hiccups so, please always choose the right quantity for your baby.



  • Change of stomach temperature is a common cause of hiccups for both (adults and babies). My dear mothers! Always elect the best quality food for your baby, and do not eat him hot and cold food together. Many times cold/hot mixture can disturb our stomach from that we can hiccup.


  • Stress or anxiety is also reasoned for baby hiccups. May you have observed that when you leave your baby alone in the crib for a long time and he cries? Actually, this cry is considered as a stress cry, which may cause for your baby hiccups.


My tip for this usual and temporal condition is to mothers;

If your baby is on the mother feed, then please feed him/her for stopping it.

If your baby is not feeding your milk then, you may give some water for making him relax.

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