Top 6 Games Like Clash Of Clans

1. Castle Clash: A Game

Castle Clash is a planned game that is free-to-play. It always garners testimonials and is one of the top 10 games in America. It shares similarities with the CoC of Supercell and there are CoC versus Castle Clash debates throughout the world wide web. Nevertheless, this sport that is wonderful is more than only a clone. It’s a different appeal which has brought over 30 million gamers.

In Castle Clash, you have to play building all’s empire. It’s possible to hire creatures to assist you from beasts to beings. As you update troops and your fortress, you can take part in battles against other players at the Arena.

2. Wars: Wonderful Graphics

Wars is a game that is unpopular, but its gameplay spins that are compelling are certain to attract players.

As the name suggests, in this game you build and control your own troop of Vikings, defending your town and invading enemy tribes. By updating watchtowers and cannons It is possible to fortify your foundation. You create strategic approaches to ward off enemy troops and may storm the land of your enemy before they retaliate, and start an attack. The conflicts are real time and as a bonus, it is possible to watch replays anytime you wish to help devise plans.

My Verdict

Wars have graphics that are better than games in this genre. You’ll see a lot of opinions from users stating that Wars is better compared to CoC, Should you read the testimonials in the Play Store. That speaks volumes.

3. Jungle Heating: Action-Packed

The Particulars

Jungle Heat is similar to an action film. Having bulging biceps carrying guns, prepared to defend their 18, you may see women and men. Your purpose is to take charge of the tropics, which is loaded with gold and oil. The Marauders will not permit you to take within the jungle and stand in your way.

The battles in this game are easy but exceptionally entertaining. You are able to produce an army base and protect it upgrade your troops to grow their firepower, and perform with personalities, each with their own abilities. One other fantastic attribute for Jungle Heating is it’s a match that is cross-platform, which means that you can play with it on any apparatus or networking that is societal and pick up where you left off.

My Verdict

This game contains fun conflicts and seems like an action film. The extra bonus of being able to play with it makes it that far better.

4: Clash Of Cuties

Clash of All Cuties is a mobile RPG. Play as a youthful hero master with more than 150 adorable heroes to choose from. Take on the world and revel in some gameplay.


Over 150 heroes: Summon cuties to overturn the evil. Cuties will be your courageous warriors to fight you.

Epic Battle Strategy: Use Healing, Stun, Buff, Debuff, all Types of abilities to compete at the Arena.

Addictive Gameplay: Accomplish different accomplishment with titles that are distinguished. Construct your legion to explore the unknown land that is sealed. Team up to conquer Sky Tower together with the glory.

Clash Of Cuties – amass a group of cute girls with excellent abilities and skills. Guide the girls into battle against evil forces. Save the game for Android’s world from the intrusion of creatures and monsters that are assorted.

My Verdict

Heroines can aid you. Attempt to produce the ideal group of daring heroes. Explore huge dungeons and other places. Fight with enemies that are many. Attempt to win battles in the arena with players from around the world.

5: Star Wars Commander

Elaborate moving a lightsaber? Of seeing as Stormtroopers duke it out from Droids from Tatooine’s realm or fantasy? You can by playing with Star Wars: Commander, the match with which Lucasfilm and Disney attract the Star Wars franchise to the plant kingdom. Many will dismiss this but it improves with the addition of attributes that are exciting and removing ones so as to offer you a much better gaming experience. Plus if you are a Star Wars fan, you must check out this game.

At the game’s start, you have to pick which side you wish to perform, either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. The storyline does Although the gameplay does not really differ depending on the faction.

My Verdict

This is a game filled with features and twists which make it feel at a sci-fi setting but just like Clash of all Clans. Star Wars: Commander provides a twist into the genre that is base-building.

6: Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooter games and the franchise has entered the area of strategy games. Call of Duty: Heroes is a battle strategy game exclusively accessible for iOS. Then you’re going to be delighted by this news if you are a lover of FPS and CoC. At this point, you get to play with your favorite soldiers and heroes, build a foundation, and lead your army to the thick of conflict.

Soap, Captain Price, and Harper are a small number of characters which you could play in this sport. You begin with a little outpost building it.

My Verdict

Specialize your components and dominate Juggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs that will assist you to unleash Killstreaks. You may team up with your buddies receive rewards and to finish challenges.

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